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What we do

What we do is provide a complete graphic design service for your business.

Take your business’s image to the next level, offering a range of creative solution to evolve your business into a brand, and provide the additional creative to promote your business to drive your sales.


The branding of your business plays a vital visual communication role, it represents your business 24 hours a day seven days a week. It is what outside world and potential customers see and it represents your businesses services. We take particular pride in striving to create a logo and over all brand image for your business, so that it works consistently across all points of touch.

Our Brand Invention packages, include:

  • Logo development package – Icon and logo type or just logo type, and supply final artwork files.
  • Business branding package- create your brand logo, and create complimenting stationery
  • Complete business solution – create your brand identity, stationery and website

For a tailored solution contact us for a digital creative brief.

Online Solutions

Need help navigating through the fast paced, ever evolving lists for your online web site solution. We give you the control by offering you user friendly Word Press web site solution, that will work for you and your business now and in the future. We offer solutions and training to empower you to expand your online presence as your business needs it, so that your web site becomes a fun and powerful part of your business.

Check list for producing an effective website

Our web site packages, include:

  • Basic Content management Word Press site, that is completely scaleable – with basic training of the web site functionality + ongoing support
  • Stage web site build- We can quote in stages so you can expand your online presences as your business grows, – with basic training of the web site functionality + ongoing support
  • Complete Online product category and Store – E-commerce Word Press site, with advanced training
  • Free Phone Support on all sites – for more information


Product packaging is our passion, your products packaging, is the consumer face of your products, it is required to do a lot and we strive to get it to do more through innovative commercial designs that stand out and say “look at me – buy me”, packaging needs to sell your products 24/7 in a very competitive market place. Odissey Ten is very experienced in creating all types of packaging, from cans, to bottle design and label design and all forms of cardboard packaging. We think of packaging as a 3D object from the 1st minute of our concepts so that it works from every angle, we present 3D still images and turn around animations as we develop your products packaging, to leave no questions unanswered as to how the branding interacts with the packaging.

For more information about our packaging design services, please contact us and we can provide a tailored price to suite your product and your budget.

Brochure & Flyers

A printed brochure is an investment to any business offering a range of products or services. whether it be a simple doubled sided DL or something larger with multiple pages. It needs to look attractive, clearly communicate the message professionally, ensuring it presents your businesses brand. A great brochure can make all the difference to your sales team. We can also provide interactive digital brochures, with links, video and forms.
Talk to us and find out how we can help you with your brochures.

For more information on your new brochure, please contact us

Point of Sale

Point of sale comes in a huge range of formats these days, from large banners to small fridge magnets, each has a specific role and finding the most effective combination for your budget can be challenging. We can create a POS campaign for your business that compliments your  brand and taylor it to get the best solution for your budget. We can provide the perfect solution for your business.

  • Banner
  • Posters
  • Displays
  • Digital POS

Contact us to discuss what is the best option for your business.

3D Visuals and animation

3D work

One of our specialties is creating 3D models and highly detailed visuals, with detailed texture mapping all rendered with the super realism of 3D max & V-Ray 2.0 we are able to create anything you need – product and packaging or a house, a room, a character or a icon. We build the 3D models in house and do all our own texture mapping, light the model and animate the model if required and do all the final rendering on our in house render farm.

For more information about our 3d modelling and rendering services, please contact us and we can provide a tailored price to suite your budget.